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how old are you again?
Chris and Amanada were having sexual intercourse with chains handcuffs until they lost the key.
by bob May 07, 2005
Verb. - To steal.
Noun. (Taxer) - Thief
"Javier taxed Mike's unix book, and Mike kicked Javiers ass for being a taxer."
by Bob March 12, 2003
a cool girl who is really smart (a little too smart)
Maia is great! Shes really smart!
by bob March 13, 2005
The best breakfast food EVAR
waffles > pancakes
by bob May 31, 2004
Korean keyboards have a key that generates 'ke'. Someone discovered that this annoys the hell out of westerners, and due to South Korean Starcraft Zergrush skills, it's associated with Koreans online. Usually an expression of humor.
OMG ZERGRUSH kekekekekeke
by Bob November 30, 2004
The Arab meaning of the word "woman" but often used as a sexist term towards women.
"Give me my food you bint"
by bob December 28, 2003
Sex can wait, masterbate!
ATM= abstinence till marriage
by bob March 30, 2005

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