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to get up that lil' hole!
i laid my bitch!!!!!!!!
by bob March 18, 2005
1.Incredible '70's rock band. Under rated by modern generation. founders of heavy metal. British, better than any americant band who cant pronounce "alone", "i mow a lawn"
2. failed airship.
3. that that which does not follow convention.
"conducting a Led Zeppelin"
by bob March 28, 2005
Your mom when she rides her tight wet pussy on my hard throbbing cock all night long.
Johnny, your mother and I are getting a divorce.


Because she's a fucking slutty cockrider.
by bob April 25, 2003
The perfect rifle range target.
"why do kittens make such good targets?"

"because they are free"
by bob February 26, 2005
Another word for a vagina, uncomon to use but great when you dont want other people to know what you are talking about
"Hey! Dont touch my nina!" or "Do you prefere sex in the rectom or the nina?"
by bob February 26, 2005
AOL is probably the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) around, people who have not experienced other ISP's are ungreatful because they just don't know how easy they have it with AOL. Now that AOL has been lowering their prices, it is even better. I have been on AOL since version 2.5 and I've loved it every since...yes, I have tried other Internet Service Providers, but I kept coming back to AOL because none of them could compare. Why do you think everyone on here that complains about AOL, is infact, still using AOL? It's because they're addicted to AOL's ease of use, and it's graphically appealing GUI. Why don't they try getting on SBC or something for awhile, I mean.. after all, it is a lot cheaper. 2 weeks of experiencing SBC and they'll be back on AOL in a flash. AOL is the best Dialup ISP around, I have broadband and I'm still using AOL! Why don't guys just go get another ISP, or just stop complaining!
AOL is probably the best ISP around.
by Bob February 17, 2005
A big, long, fresh steamy turd.
Use your imagination.
by Bob May 09, 2003
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