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Quite simply, the day-after farts following a nice sushi deluxe dinner. Possibly, the most toxic farts known to man, with significant and lasting scent notes that linger for many minutes. It is said the recordable barometric levels have dropped significantly after one of these is unleashed.
I dropped the yeti to the ground after I unleashed a toxic wasabi fart in his general vicinity.
by Bo Regard March 20, 2009
Oily substance in the dark recess area between the scrotum and inner thigh, that has its own unique smell left on the hand after a scratch. Commonly referred to the residue left behind on clean surfaces when mouth-breathing imbeciles touch things they shouldn't. Same as crotch grease.
The yeti left some crotch oil fingerprints on the ceiling while simply changing the light bulbs.
by Bo Regard April 14, 2009
Qualities relating to one who is rich, powerful, and/or influential.
All these bling properties I bought are really enhancing my mogulness.
by Bo Regard March 18, 2009
The collective act of more than one idiot/moron.
That clown patrol couldn't have gotten that simple task done if they tried a thousand times.
by Bo Regard May 23, 2010
The act of directing foul-smelling odor, from a fresh source, to your mouth and nose with a megaphone or safety cone.
I did a mega 'hot bong' hit off the open sewer pipe, with a safety cone, after Orlando took a crap upstairs.
by Bo Regard March 18, 2009

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