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2 definitions by Bo Newport

Slang, usually past-tense, for ejaculation. Many say it originated with fans of the Foo-Fighters (possibly may have even started with Nirvana) probably in reference to the expression of frontman Dave Grohl when performing, as his intensity resembles that of a person having an orgasm. While this origin is disputed, many say the word just sounds appropriate for the act, which most likely explains why it caught on.
Dude, I can't believe it! That stripper took me in for a private dance, and I freaking grolled in my pants!
by Bo Newport January 31, 2010
This mysterious, raunchy acronym may finally put some disputes to rest. While originally meant to refer to a lover that is the only one that can provide a carnal experience of extraordinary proportions, the term also evolved (or devolved, depending on who you ask) to refer to an orgasm that is highly above average.

The term started to be used on New York college campuses in the late 90s, as a reference to the lyric, "Bustin' makes me feel good!" by 1980s recording artist Ray Parker, Jr. This definition is the original, referring to a unique sexual partner that consistently provides an above-average sexual experience.

The later, more graphic acronym refers more specifically to the act of orgasm itself, where the letters stand for "Rocket Propelled Jizzload". It is believed that this definition was started on campuses where the acronym had migrated from other schools but those who heard it did not let on that they did not know its original definition. Some say they can be applauded for their X-rated interpretation.
Well, just as I expected, man. Danielle and I finally hooked up, and words cannot even describe how many ways she rocked my world. Seriously, total RPJ, man! Total RPJ!
by Bo Newport February 03, 2010