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Trying to run game on the judge in a case where you can get played
my baby mamma lying bout having insurance for my son.
by Bo London November 16, 2004
The state of being totally and completely mesmerized by good pussy – being sprung is to be spellbound and irrational, being lead by the tha pussy like a helpless little puppy loosing all ability to think and operate as a normal male. The cure for Male Chauvinism – being sprung is spending all your money on her, signing over your check to her, and worst of all you are that guy spotted in the mall holding her purse and carrying hella bags of stuff purchased with your money. The state of being sprung is Kryptonite to a pimp.
Hopelessly and helplessly in love with a woman for no real reason except her pussy and you will do anything and spend anything to keep that connection with her pussy, and if you have the slightest idea you were going to loose that pussy you would loose your mind.
Damn son – she got you sprung yo!
Yo dum azz is addicted to her pussy the same way a crack feen is addicted to crack, which in actuality also makes you a CRACK feen.
by Bo London November 24, 2004

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