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multiple teabaggings to one person in one night; must be laid upon ones eye sockets and/or in ones mouth for a full festival of teabagging
"Katie was passed out at the party. A ballsaxapallooza was called into session."
by Bmoney and Wankis April 17, 2008
to play video games with ones self; can become a serious problem with effects such as loss of social life
Zach - "Where's Andrew tonight?"
Brady - "I don't know. He's probably gamesturbating again."
Zach - "Wow he must really be getting some calusses from all that gamesturbating."
by Bmoney and Wankis April 16, 2008
teabagging to the extreme using a scrotum of atleast baseball size proportions; can have serious effects to recipient such as:
-internal bleeding
-brain damage
-loss of memory
-3rd degree burns(only if one performing act hasfirecrotch syndrome)
Andrew was potatosacked and lost consciousness. The potatosacking was so severe he lost all memory of it and suffered 2 broken ribs.
by Bmoney and Wankis April 29, 2008
syndrome in which the person has fiery red pubes. daywalkers and gingers are commonly known for their cases of firecrotch syndrome, these people can sometimes obtain the power to burn people by the touch of their flames
Andrews girlfriend has the firecrotch syndrome. He began to make love to her and was suddenly incinerated.
by Bmoney and Wankis April 29, 2008

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