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The geometry that occurs after one sleeps for 6 hours with hair that has either not been washed or had gel in it before going to sleep. Specifically, the polygons which form due to chronic stresses on the hair from a particular sleeping position.
Woah, you've got some crazy anime hair going on.
by Bmedork January 04, 2004
an individual with extreme mathematical mechanical electrical physiological and other type knowledge. usually has limited knowledge or interest in all things liberal arts. usually has loathing of scientists who never contribute anything to society. are personally responsible for critical features of the earth such as terran rotation, gravity, the speed of light, and heisenberg's uncertainty principle and can change any of these principles with the power of thought.
engineers mke the world work, and often they have very good rapport with members of the opposite sex as long as they are fellow engineers and not skank liberal arts wastes of life and tuition
by bmedork January 04, 2004
1. a whale penis
2. an individual who is keenly interested in and good at mathematics, science, and technology, and applies mathematical and scientific principles to everyday occurrences, while at the same time being loveable and very personable, often having many friends due to wittiness, often loves video games. Not to be confused with nerd or geek or dweeb.
1. The blue whale's dork is the world's largest sexual organ.
2. Dork: Wow, that light bulb that's flickering in a seemingly random fashion is actually occurring as such due to a capacitance built up on one side of the tungsten filament until it discharges sending electrical flow through the tungsten, causing photonic emission through heated excitation, which then dissipates as you get farther from the light bulb according to inverse square law.
Girlfriend who is also a dork: You're right, you dork. Shut up and kiss me. You're so cute
by Bmedork January 04, 2004
an individual who aplies the realms of mathematics and the sciences to do things that are difficule without ever knowing why. a scientist will never care about science ever benefiting humanity, only advancing science for the sake of science
don't be a scientist, be an engineer.
by bmedork January 04, 2004
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