16 definitions by Bm

butthole or butt region
He tongue jacked her shit box
by bm November 10, 2003
Startup airline with one of the newest fleets of any airline. They fly discount routes from Long Beach to NYC, and many others. Bling Blingy!
"I flew jetBlue."
by Bm August 28, 2003
Extremely nice sports car. Bling Blingy.
"i drive an austin healy"
by Bm August 28, 2003
means hey, what's going on
what's up ball hair!!
by bm November 10, 2003
a dick, wang, or another such name for "penis"
Your knob is looking like ground chuck after that 24-hour marathon.
by bm February 17, 2004
a dirty rip in the drawers; generally tends to be in a gaseous state unless you don't want it to be. Better known to the crew as a GD.

Could also be caused by a trapping of air by sniper fun.
I got a GD in my bunghole, and it's ganja tear out at any moment.
by bm February 25, 2004
A term used for when you slap your ballsack off your legs and it creates a slapping noise. Hence the name slappy.
"Yo man whats that sound?"
"I'm doin a slappy."
by bm June 28, 2004
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