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Following the movements of someone through Foursquare. It usually affects narcissistic individuals who post waaayy too much personal information online and make themselves easy targets.
Did you see Jen added her house as a Foursquare location? She's just asking to be Fourstalked.
by Bluon April 08, 2010
Small scrotum, usually resulting from cold temperatures.
Man, when I got out of the pool today, I had a wicked case of shrimp nuggets.
by Bluon November 14, 2007
A piece of dust or dirt that won't come off when you are emptying your Dyson cannister.
Normally the cannister empties out pretty easily, but every once and a while I have to shake a few times for the Dysonberry to fall off.
by Bluon March 22, 2008
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