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Shitting on a plate, pouring water over it, sticking it in the freezer, then several hours later, fucking a chick with the man made, shit dildo.
I knew barbara loved me when she let me give her a frozen freighttrain.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
the act of busting a load on a girls face, then her wiping it on her index finger, and jamming that finger straight up your ass.
As soon as i got off on her face, sally gave me a real deep cobbler.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
A penis covered in post-anal sex excrement. (Usually sucked immediately afterwords)
After i fucked her ass, sally sucked my rotten banana.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
During sexual intercourse, gouging the eyes, slapping the faCE, and pieing the face of the female, by the male.
I was fucking her hard, so i gave her a stooge.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
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