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1. Meaning that feeling you get when there’s imminent danger or just plain scared of something or
2. Meaning the current sickness that’s floating across the globe, whether it be the Flu or just a Head Cold.
1. “It gave me the gollywobbles.”
2. “I think I have the gollywobbles.”
by Bluevelvet April 14, 2005
1) Noun-Inability to concentrate
2) Noun-Abnormal inability to sustain attention
3) Medical-Inattention, due to a sensorineural (related to or affecting a sensory nerve or a sensory mechanism together with its neural circuitry.) or mental defect.
A child with verified ADD or ADHD can be said to have a moment of aprosexia, or many moments
by BlueVelvet April 09, 2007

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