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When you eyes don't appear to be focused on anything, but rather staring into oblivion. Can be further emphasized if the person has been staring in the same direction long enough that moisture has built up on the eye, causing a slightly more glassy effect.
I was telling him about the new TPS reports this morning, but I feel like he wasn't even listening to me. He had glazed eyes and he didn't appear to be focused on my interesting dialog on TPS reports.
by Bluepanda January 31, 2008
One of the most annoying critters in the Star Wars galaxy, Salacious B. Crumb was the favored jester in the court of Jabba the Hutt. The beak-nosed pot-bellied miscreant had a habit of breaking into a nerve-wracking cackle whenever the mood struck his flighty little brain. The creature had a knack for mimicry, and would pester many by constantly repeating what was said to him.

Crumb had an affinity for tormenting Jabba's other employees, most notably the Hutt's interpreters. When C-3PO became Jabba's property, Salacious antagonized the golden protocol droid mercilessly. As Luke Skywalker freed his allies, Crumb physically attacked Threepio, ripping the droid's eye from its socket. Fortunately, R2-D2 arrived and used his electric prod to shock the little beast. An angry Crumb retreated, and died moments later when the sail barge exploded.
Person 1: Eww.. what is that thing?
Person 2: Oh, thats just Salacious Crumb.
by BluePanda March 02, 2007
The drowsy feeling you get after taking a long shower in the middle of the day.
After taking his four o'clock shower, Andrew could feel the showeritis setting in and it took all his effort just to collapse in bed for a nap.
by bluepanda October 26, 2014

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