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A male bitch in the sense of an unpleasant, rude or nasty person.

But you don't say "prickslap" when you want to bitchslap a man who acts like this.
"I can't stand George OR Laura. They're exactly alike. She's a bitch and he's a prick!"
by Bluejay May 08, 2004
To slap someone (particularly but not necessarily female) who is being rude or nasty, perhaps screaming a lot (i.e., being a bitch). The idea is to get them to calm down and behave. It doesn't necessarily mean you really hit the person; there is such a thing as a verbal bitchslap.
Did you see how Rush Limbaugh stopped spewing that right-wing Nazi bullshit after Howard Zinn bitchslapped him on national television?
by Bluejay May 08, 2004
wow matt moderate crime bad school theres nutihg like it. crime isnt moerate crime is heavy, and schools are horrible not bad. the board of education is laying off teahcers faster than ur moms getting layed a nihgt. not to mention, how u not gonna call i the north of the bronx wen bk is yonkers brtother and backyard. yonkers isnt a suburbia u dipshit, manhataan is less than 10 miles away. how u gonna say its 7/8 ghettomwhen all of the south is, and half of the north is. there is no mroe welath in yonkers, and if u had ne idea wut u were talking about u would no that. i grew up off a branch of mclean, and its not a rich section of the city its regarded as one of the most urbinzed areas of yonkers. get a life and stop righting derfintions to shit u dont even understand.
matt is probably a suburban white boy who has no idea where yonkers is or wut its like. wow.
by bluejay March 15, 2005
A sassy, lively or high-spirited girl, a little pepper pot, one who smarts off, doesn't respect authority. Regency English, late 1700s, but girls were called this into the 1940s. Less of a hobag, more of a cute pain in the neck.
You have to watch that Mary every minute, she's always up to something. She's a little baggage.
by Bluejay February 20, 2005

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