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3 definitions by Blueice

The term before departing for another location or relocating your presence.
Carter: Right Lets roll
Jay: WTF we have like 10mins
Reg: This is dick
by Blueice January 27, 2003
56 25
An act of removing hair to enable a better view of a certain area.
Good god!, you'll have to strim that down a bit before you get me anywhere near it.
by Blueice January 27, 2003
79 51
A pirate lacking his third leg
and either his 1st or 2nd leg
resulting in his total number of legs being less than 2, i.e. 1
Avast me, one of me legs has been removed by this here sharp sword - Ill have to be a land lubber for the rest of me days.
by Blueice January 27, 2003
11 37