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When you're seeing someone and they still tell people they're single.
"interesting, your Facebook status still says "single"...you must be dickvertising"

by Bluegutsoup March 20, 2010
a regular "guy nextdoor" who has a certain affinity for wild, unabashed sexual activities. You never know what he's going to think of next, as his creativity in bed is without limit. Relates to the Marvel comic book villian "Juggernaut", who has been deemed as "unstoppable".
"I slept with this guy the other night. I have been defeated, and remain in ruin. What will he think up next? As they say, you just can't stop the douggernaut!"

"Oh my gosh...I had some crazy sex last night. This dude is a regular douggernaut!"

sex sucio booty call doug comic book dork
by Bluegutsoup April 08, 2010
a woman's pubic region that's so large, that things can slip into the eternal abyss of mystery which lies at the center.
"Did you see that lady in the super short shorts? She's certainly rockin' a Bermubic Triangle up there!"

"I wore a condom, but somehow it got lost in her Bermubic Triangle. Oops."

oops pussy Bermuda Triangle FUPA
by Bluegutsoup April 08, 2010
comic books that feature large breasted, small waisted, big assed female characters.
Him: "Hey baby, wanna have sex?"
Me: "Not a chance...why don't you just go read some of your dorkporn?"

Marvel DC douggernaut sex porn comic books
by Bluegutsoup April 08, 2010
The area where the genitals are. Typically between the legs.

cock dick junk
"I want you to do me while you wear the Easter Bunny costume, but since it's like a jumpsuit, I'll have to split the seam in the cockal region"
by Bluegutsoup March 20, 2010
a Purity Ring which is typically used as a commitment of chastity before God, only in the case of a Purity Rong, anal sex and blow jobs are allowed.
You: "Hey man, did you see that chick has a Purity Ring?"
Me: "Well, considering she does anal and gives BJs, it a Purity Rong"

Purity Ring blow job anal god sex
by Bluegutsoup April 08, 2010
when someone trips and falls on something that doesn't exist. Happens most often while walking up stairs.
"This girl was running down the hallway, and all of a sudden, aerotrip! She flew about 10 feet, sprawled out on the floor."

"He was running up the stairs and aerotripped, causing everyone behind him to aerotrip, as well."

trip moron stupid bagorocker retard tard splat
by Bluegutsoup April 08, 2010

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