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A freeze-dried block of survival.

Contrary to popular belief, use of stove is not required to prepare this meal of many flavours. No real measurements are needed. Just a bowl, some water, the ingredients in the package and a microwave oven. Approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds on high will do the trick.
I've actually found ramen on sale for seven cents a package.
by Bluefunoodle311 August 14, 2004
A phrase used in conversation when trying to get someone to respond.

Could also mean "Just do it."
See also: Shocking the Mojo
by Bluefunoodle311 August 14, 2004
A move executed by the Iron Wang of Justice to smite enemies and skank-whores alike.
John: I will strike you down with my Iron Wang of Justic
George: wtf, mate?
John: Feel the power of the Thunder Wanker.
George: Good God, man! You're knocking over the furniture!!
by Bluefunoodle311 August 14, 2004
The act of being productive. Usually in the most insane of manners.
Bob: Dude, just Shock the Mojo.
Bill: The Mojo is being shocked, my friend.
Ben: So, what's Bill up to?
Bob: He's Shocking the Mojo.
by Bluefunoodle311 August 14, 2004
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