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n. A devout Christian who oppresses others' beliefs under the condition that those beliefs are inconsistant with the oppressor's. See also psychotic neofacist bitch.
Gary's mom is a fucking holy roller.
by blueduck577 May 15, 2004
An orange, semisolid substance usually mistaken for cheese. Under higher temperatures, Velveeta resembles mucilage glue.
What the fuck? You made grilled 'cheese' out of Velveeta??
by blueduck577 April 08, 2004
Rolling paper used to smoke marijuana. Derived from the song Puff the Magic Dragon, which rumors say is about smoking weed.
Yo man....i ran out of jackie paper....i need some for tonight
by Blueduck577 November 30, 2003
Kickass NES game from the 80s.
! pwn7 j00 !n 8u|293|27!m3!!
by blueduck577 May 11, 2004
Also ghettofishing. When one ties any paper currency to the end of a fishing line, places it in a public walkway, and hides. As the victim reaches for the dollar, one slowly reels it in to appear that it is blowing in the wind, leading the victim on a dollar-chase, thereby 'catching' them.
We caught lots of cheapasses while we went ghettofishing with a dollar bill.
by Blueduck577 November 30, 2003
One who is a miser.
John wouldn't lend me a dollar. He is such a cheapass.
by Blueduck577 November 30, 2003
Joe Butler.
Joe, you are such a snortfod.
by blueduck577 March 04, 2004

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