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The most awesome school to ever be created. Has amazing art facilities, sports facilities and academic buildings. Dorms are clean for the most part and food actually tastes good.

And for all ou Hotchkiss haters, get over yourself. Were just schools..rivals? Maybe so. But were all going to go to college one day and leave our beloved boarding schools behind. So stop hating on us Tafties just because your jealous of our awesomeness.

Also probably the cleanest boarding school. Beside the small acholhol consumption, drugs are used very rarely. Unlike rival school Hotchkiss who are high off their arses off cocaine every other day. But hey! No hard feelings.

And for all these other definitions claiming Taft as a "safety school", are you kidding me? Taft is one of the schools on the Ten Schools Admission Organization and has a very respected reputation. Now KENT is a safety school.
Ex. 1 - Bill - Hey Jan, you going to the lacrosse game after school today?
Jan - Sure Bill! But first I have to finish my painting of the Mona Lisa.

Ex. 2 - Hotchkiss Kid 1 - Damn! I hate those tafties! I dont even know why but i HATE THEM!!
Hotchkiss kid 2 - YEAH! I hate them for no reason as well!!
Taft Kid 1 - Jeez, get over yourself. We don't hate you Hotchkiss Kids as much as you'd think we do.

Ex. 3 - Taft Kid 1 - Hey dude, what are you doing later tonight?
Taft Kid 2 - Oh you know, snorting some of the new cocaine I just purchased.
Taft Kid 1 - REALLY!?
Taft Kid 2 - Nah! I'm just joshing you. I'm not one of those slimy Hotchkiss cokeheads.

by Bluebugblack101001 August 04, 2008

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