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A group of concerned citizens who rightfully speak out against the extreme degree of inequality in America which now rivals that of some third world countries. Citizens who realize that you cannot have a strong economy without demand, and that 1% of the population owning 90% of the wealth is detrimental to a nation's prosperity. Citizens who oppose the assault on workers rights by multinational corporations, and realize that trickle down is bullshit. Citizens so concerned for the welfare of their country, they are willing to camp outside even in the harshest winter conditions to get the word out. Often bashed by people who fall in the top 1% (obviously) as well as spoiled, snobby, narcissistic rich kids who regard Atlas Shrugged as the bible and have never experienced any real-life hardships whatsoever because they live in the safety bubble of their parents.
Occupy Wall Street believes we should end the unsustainable Bush tax cuts, make RESPONSIBLE cuts in government spending rather than taking from those who have the least, and end the marriage of government and big business that started under the Bush administration and continues under Obama.
#protest #social justice #hope #progress #inequality #99% #1% #randroid
by Blue_Kahuna November 30, 2011
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