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Exclusively used by 7 - 10 year old boys. Directly translated to WHAT THE FUCK? But because of obvious retaliation from parental figures What the snap? is more appropriate. This will graduate to What the heck? and What the H-E- double hockey sticks by ages 10 - 13. Most likely it will reach What the Hell? by ages 13 - 16 and reach full maturity to What the fuck? from then on.
<Tucker missing a note on Guitar Hero> What the snap, man?
<Tucker's father>Did you just say what the snap?
<Tucker> Better than what the fuck, isn't it?
<Tucker's father beats him to a bloody pulp>
by Blueridgechick September 23, 2009
The shaving of one's pubic hair, injesting said pubic hair, then waiting to poop out pubic hair in caterpillar formation.
Hey Tom, is that a caterpillar coming out of your ass, or are you just caterpillaring again?
by BlueRidgeChick September 15, 2009

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