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A group of multi-talented, spirited, fit, and out-right hot girls who are incredible dancers, using pom-poms in their routines.

Pom Squads incorporate dance, including hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and kickline, and can shake some serious ass, while cheering on our teams and incorporating certain tumbling elements into their routines, such as toe-touching, back handsprings, and roundoffs.

Unlike the disgraceful, slutty cheerleaders who make retarded pyramids and throw girls in the air for no apparent reason, Poms show their spirit through hot dance moves and getting the crowds crazy with how much blood, sweat, and tears that goes into their amazing routines.

When not dancing, many Poms are raising money for the football and basketball teams, setting up and leading school spirit activities, making banners, and selling spirit gear.
At my school it's all about the Pom Squad -- they do breathtaking dance routines, perform at football and basketball pre-games and halftimes and at many school activites, and get the the crowd off their feet cheering, unlike the cheerleaders who spend their time kicking the synthetic turf and being a total disgrace and embarrassment, especially in front of our rival schools'.
by BlueEyedChild August 23, 2009
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