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a hard working person, who is trying to make the best out of life with the little things hes got. Hes a kind, caring, warm,lighthearted person who always has faith in every person he knows and when you have the opportunity to spend time with him even if its 5 minutes , he has a special gift ( funny personality) and he'll knock the socks off ya. Even though sometimes life has treated him badly he has managed to fight it with his head held up and he still trails on today looking for peace and the true meaning of friendship and with his friends supporting him, he will find the way.
" Luther , the true average american superhero"

" Hey Uncle luther, I know that you can do it, I believe in you"

"Luther : (puts hands on hips) Does this make me look fat... Blue "

"Uncle luther: the one and only true friend who represents the true meaning of friendship, that you wont find anywheres else around the world"

"Luther to the world u may be one person.... but to one person u maybe the world
by Blue lantern Ash February 05, 2010

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