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A form of scarring generally associated with pregnancy, obesity, bodybuilding, and — to a lesser extent — puberty. They come about as skin is overstretched, disrupting the normal production of collagen. They first appear as reddish or purplish lines, but tend to gradually fade to a lighter color.
Can appear anywhere on the body skin has been stretched, in males and females. The majority of people have them, but regardless, they cause most people shame and emotional distress. Some people choose to make the best of them and wear them as type of badge of honor.
While lotions and creams haven't been proven to be totally effective in removing stretch marks, they can be removed through surgery. Arm lifts can remove ones on the arm; breast lifts can remove some on the breast; tummy tucks can removed the ones on the stomach and hips; and thigh lifts can remove the ones on the inner thigh. Ones not removed by surgery (i.e.-breasts, butt, back of knees, etc.) can possibly be removed by laser, however; there is no gurantee.
Stretch marks suck :(...but can be removed :)!
by Blue Zebra April 16, 2007

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