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A method of thought derived from the philosophy expressed in Drake's song "Motto." Pillars of this ideology include such actions as: having "Santa Margherita by the liter," drowning "pussy," and putting "seven grams in the blunt." This movement permeated pop culture via social networks like twitter and came to be applied to more general topics than just those mentioned in the song. Not to be confused with Neo-Yololianism
Having copious amounts of intercourse, doing a plethora of drugs, and being capricious with money are all examples of typical actions associated with Yololianism
by Blue Sailor July 02, 2013
A break with the overly "reckless" nature of Yololianism, Neo-Yololianism embraces ideals more closely resembling those associated with the Ancient Roman saying "carpe diem." This ideology stresses living in the moment and enjoying life; however the repercussions of said actions should not have lasting negative effects on one's future well-being. It emphasizes a more emotional or even spiritual form of pleasure in juxtaposition to the generally physical stimulation sought by traditional Yololianists.
Participating in out-going activities with friends, spending time in nature, and engaging in other personally enriching endeavors are all actions associated with Neo-Yololianism.
by Blue Sailor July 02, 2013
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