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4 definitions by Blue Knight

When a small man feels the need to out do a normal size man in order to feel bigger then he is.
Boy Chris really has little man syndrome today. He feels he needs to drink more then everyone else.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
349 181
Shoes with large heels worn by a person to make themself look taller.
Look that little guy is wearing lifters to make themsely look over 5'.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
3 2
Rothermel Repeat Call - The act of doing a job poorly which requires a follow up visit to do the job properly.
Sorry we will have to come back and fix that properly, Chris pulled another RRC.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
4 7
Grogan personal call. The art of spending most of the work day on the phone with your wife, who's side you never leave outside of work.
Not only does Frank go shopping every night, he also spends most of the day on Grogan Personal calls.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
2 7