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n. Hot girl
n. Girl that gets you in trouble
n. The girl you cheat with on your girlfriend
n. Girl that makes you act retarded when ya fuck!
1- Damn, kid, check out that paradise devil across the streets.
2- You fucking fool, stop doing stupid things for this paradise devil.
3- Don't tell me that fugly broad is the paradise devil you be breaking off behind your girl's back.
4- Ayo, i thought i was Kelso last night, son, she was the one fucking me!
by Blue Raven November 28, 2005
Refers to the weapon we call gun
Ayo, son, the chrome machine will delete, right here from your dome to your feet! So watch your tone.
by Blue Raven November 28, 2005
Feel bad being wrong when you think you're so right!
Yo, your girlfriend even admitted she was a lesbo! How you feel now? Scrapter?! Fool...
by Blue Raven November 28, 2005
n. Rich people
n. Street bitches, hookers!
n. Pussy
n. Hot girls
n. Whatever gives money
1- Bill Gates is a human ATM Machine in a flesh!
2- Look at the ATM Machine with the pink mini-skirt, she got fat ass!
3- Girls are lucky, no matter how stupid they are, their ATM MAchine hooks them up with a nice future!
4- Look at them walking ATM Machines!
5- Uh oh, these hungry thugs said it was ATM Machine night, the paper's gotta come from somewhere.
by Blue Raven November 29, 2005

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