25 definitions by Blue Jack

Any eating utensils (cutlery) that aren't knives, sporks or chopsticks, and are therefore superfluous.
You can eat anything if you've got a knife, spork and chopsticks. You don't need four different spoons. Said spoons are untensils.
I'm never comfortable having dinner with Mark - he sets the table with loads of untensils I never end up using.
by Blue Jack October 18, 2009
Lack of enthusiasm.
Either sarcastic enthusiasm, or from boredom.
1) Woop. Wa-hey. Yeah. This is fun.
2) Nice going with the unthusiasm there.
by Blue Jack October 18, 2009
Writing stuff on your hands so you remember it.
Meeting at seven? Just let me put that into manual memory... *writes on hand*

I learned to write with my left hand so I could double my manual memory.
by Blue Jack June 30, 2008
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