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6 definitions by Blubyu18

Butt Sex. The symbols look like a dick going into an asshole.
text message: Lucy and Jordan totally had 3=>(_|_) last night.
by Blubyu18 December 04, 2010
When a woman has bush so hairy that its begins growing off her clit.
Suzie hasn't shaved in months and is starting to a Gerbil Tail.
by Blubyu18 February 05, 2010
A censoring app for you cell phone that keeps guys from sending pictures of there dicks that are unwanted.
Brittany got the new Farveguard app for her iPhone to keep that nasty fat kid from sending her pictures of him straddling his meat stick.
by Blubyu18 December 01, 2010
To reach sexual climax prematurely while spying on the girl next door.
A Victoria secret model moved in next door to me, and while i was spying on her she got out of the shower and I neighborgasmed.
by Blubyu18 December 01, 2010
The sexual climax a person reaches, while watching Star Wars, when they know that theres about to be a fight between two Jedis.
When Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were about to fight i had the best Light Sabergasm in the universe.

Yeah well take that one up with George Lucas because i here he doesn't like to loose his Universal records.
by Blubyu18 December 04, 2010
A pussy full of dick
Monica had a stuffed muffin last night and for breakfast
by Blubyu18 January 10, 2012