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The Netting inside you'r anus that is used to push poo shapes out like stars. This is similar to playdowe shape makers but in you'r ass.
i pushed a star out of my Poo Mesh today.

i torn you'r Poo Mesh!

You'r Poo Mesh makes dicks, because you don't have one
by BlowyGay May 10, 2010
But Crum is the crums of the Poo Mesh Mans lunch.
You have But Crums Haha! xD
by BlowyGay May 10, 2010
the curryhouse in your anus which makes curry is called But Curry
you'r But Curry is 5*

You make amazing But Curry

You'r But Curry Tasts like shit
by BlowyGay May 10, 2010

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