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Best DSM made, doesn't need "naws" to smoke ur CRX.
Yo! That TSI is mad fast, beat your CRX without "naws"
by Blow me November 24, 2002
.TK domains originate from the island of Tokelau. At first their service seems appealing, as they offer email forwarding and a web-redirectsolution.

after realizing that they have an uptime of next to nothing, you will just becomd plain old pissed off at them

there are times when their email will take a week to be forwarded... i swear to god they are running a fu#king 486 as a server! what shit
dot.tk is the example of this shit, also alone with a******a.tk, and many other losers that got hoaxed into this
by blow me April 28, 2004
Greatest Rugby team in the world all other teams with exception of lax smoke pole. Place were nerds band together in the name of god, led by nerdy steve urkle aka Father Ray.
This is the school home to mini thugs who act ghetto and the real thugs even hate them
by BLow me April 24, 2005
Possibly the best car ever made EXCEPT 3rd generation
WOW that 2g Eclipse is so much faster than that 3rd gen Eclipse.
by Blow me November 24, 2002
A group of super-nerds who clain to be the best gaming clan in Canada but don't even play any games.
Excessive amounts of virginity can be found in its members.
AKA Canadian rectal vomit
by blow me November 28, 2003
A womans lusciouse nipple
That bitchs titty was so hard i could see it through her blouse.
by Blow me November 04, 2002

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