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Okay being a punk is not conforming to mainstream and being yourself. Punk is being what you wanna be. If you think it looks cool WEAR IT. You do not need to have a mohawk or liberty spikes you need to have different hair to everyone else. The most important part of punk is listening to punk rock music and also metal. Bands like "the sex pistols", "the exploited", "Vice squad" and "The ramones". Bands like "Avril Lavigne", "Good charlotte" and "blink 182" are not punk. Then there is politics. Having a tattoo with the cross sickel and hammer if you live in the US is good. It doesnt matter if you not a commie you just need to shock people. Basically do, say and listen to things that will shock people
Desmond is a punk he listens to old punk and metal, his favourite song is Anarchy in the UK and he wears a denim jacket with patches on, army boots and bondage trousers. His hair goes down his back and its teased and spiked

Justin is not a punk he listens to Screamo and emotional hardcore. His favourite song is knives and pens. He writes poetry, wears a tight MCR tee, skinny jeans (black) and old trainers, has black fingernails, eye liner and black hair put over one eye
by Bloodydiahreoa747 March 13, 2011

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