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Kimbery is a very amazing girl. Kimbery means hawthron meaning extremely hot! Kimbery is a star wars nerd and Kimbery's enjoy playing guitar. Usually a Kimbery says really silly things that make people love her. Kimbery is loyal, and keeps secrets. Kimbery tastes black but is high in cholesterol. Kimbery's know a man named Wok Eh Moleh. And Kimbery's are big pervs at times. Kimbery's are addicted to hot pockets and hate sloppy joes. Kimbery is simply amazing and I like her very much.

I believe everyone has a Kimbery in them.
Me: I wish i was a Kimbery
Genoveva: I am a KIMBERY!
Me: lucky ducky.
by BloodyMurphy July 08, 2011
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