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A Cram Session...a cression.

a jam, slam, dunk, throwdown, droppin it in, stuff, cram, slam dunk Session.

Taken part by members of That Bloody Crew on the basketball court, it is a "lay-up line" in which all members throw down dirty&dope slams. Only possible by teh 09 Chills team because 12 members could dunk. The other 3 lob alley-oops.

Origins by Don at The Rock, Summer 2008.
"Yo I'ma keep it a hunnit wit chu, dat was da best Cression to date"

"I'm finna have a Cression right after school."

"Yo, don't invite that AB who can't dunk to the Cression."

"Chu do it yet guy? As in Cression?"

"Let's bring dat Wusscrap McLos to the Cression, no Nations allowed."

"That Cression was dirty&dopeflyshit brosix!"
#dunk #cram #legit #slamdunk #bloody crew
by Bloody Crew May 19, 2009
A variation of the popular spin on bro- words by adding compounds. (examples include brohan, broski, brosif, brosif nugget, armpit nugget, lyndsey brohan, and bromigo) Applies to members of the 09 Chills Team because they earned the school's 6th Gold Ball for boys basketball..hence the "Six". Brosix.
Sharkley: "Yo what are you up to after school armpit

Casey W. "Not sure yet brosix what are you doin"

Casey W. "Yo brosix let me know what you're doin tonight or if you go to any parties."
Don. "Ite brosix"
#cression #bromigo #brohan #broski #broseph #brosef #lyndsey brohan
by Bloody Crew May 25, 2009
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