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Term used to describe a woman who bears three or more of these attributes:

B)Really Fat
C)Smells of B.O.
D)Has Bad Breath and/or Bad Teeth
E)Is Visibly Dirty
F)Loudmouth Social Retard
G)Wears Undersized Skirts and Pants so That Her Fat Dirty Arse Hangs Over the Waistline to Reveal her Dingy, Soiled Thong.
H)Actually Thinks They are "All That and a Bag of Chips"
The women on Jerry Springer Show are all Ditch Pigs.
by Bloody Abo September 03, 2006
Term from rural America describing person who is socially outcast and easily picked on. Usually meeting the business end of a fist, boot, broomstick, bat, broken bottle, and/or foreign objects of injurious force. Often at the end of the tag line, "I'll beat you like a..."
"Hey you boy, yeah you. We don't take kindly to new folk lookin' funny like that. You best be leavin' or I'll beat you like a red-headed stepchild"

by Bloody Abo September 04, 2006
Word with several meanings.
a) The cheesy looking once piece spandex suit that the unenlightened yoga practitioners wear. It usually makes them look like a seal that crapped its pants (if seals wore pants).

b) A person who so terrible at yoga that they are actually deemed "retarded" at it.

c) Someone who talks so much about yoga being the best and only thing to do to stay healthy that you want to tie their yoga body into a pretzel.
The woman kicked out of yoga class was a yogatard in a yogatard. She should have gone to Lululemon so at least she looked good while sucking at yoga.
by Bloody Abo September 04, 2006

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