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A term that I coined for the act of a male player of a MMORPG helping a seemingly female player in some way solely because of her gender. This is referred to as "trying to get e-laid" because the male is doing it solely because the person in need of help appears to be of the opposite gender, hence it is sexual in nature, but still taking place on the internet. The geeky male does it because he holds some small hope that it could develop into an e-lationship.

Ironically, most of the female characters in question turn out to also be males IRL, and this is often revealed after a lengthy period of cyberstalking.
Dude, just admit it: you only gave her some money cause you're trying to get e-laid.
by Bloodloss September 19, 2004
A one-sided relationship that takes place solely on the internet. The female in it is usually a nice girl that thinks it's just a friendship, and the male is usually a desperate, anti-social nerd that thinks he has a girlfriend that he's never met, and expects her not to associate with any other males on the internet or jealousy and anger will ensue. When the male finally expresses his feelings about this girl he's never met, she informs him that it would be awkward to meet in real life and that she actually already has a real boyfriend, and the nerd is crushed, his hopes of being e-laid are dashed.

It almost always ends with a lengthy session of cyberstalking from the male nerd.
Billy was bragging about having a girlfriend but it turned out he's just in an e-lationship, what a fag.
by Bloodloss September 19, 2004
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