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Someone who is especially skilled at rolling blunts.
Person 1 : "Dude, this blunt is burning hella slow!"

Person 2 : "Yea i know, my man Mike is one hell of a bluntsmith!"
by Bloodgoose November 29, 2009
The opposite of Gooyum, gooyuk is any gooey substance that is degusting, a classic eample being jizz or pussy juice.
"Oh god! Becky just shot gooyuk right into my fucking face!"

"Oh shit, i had toomuch fukinbooze...., i... i..., blaghhhhhAhhahah! Dude i just blew gooyuk all over the stall"
by Bloodgoose April 22, 2009
Any delicious gooey substance. Most specifically the goo found at the bottom of dessert trays.
"Dude, i just finished my McCinnamon Melt, look at all that gooyum!"

"I'm gonna lick the fuck out of that gooyum!"
by Bloodgoose April 22, 2009
Someone who is especially skilled at crafting marajuana cigarettes.
Person 1: "Dude, that Nick guy is a supurb Jaysmith!"

Person 2: "I know! He rolled that joint so fast!"
by Bloodgoose November 29, 2009
1.) A phrase used in high tension situations. ie: Traffic incodents, competative videogames, high-stakes poker, etc.

2.) An command insult implying that the subject of your verbal abuse should "shit a dick" "dick" in this case meaning a log of feces, and perhads tear thier anus in the process.

3.) When used casually shit a dick siginfies dissappointment in a given situation.

4.) Shit a dick can also be used to reference episode #1102 of South Park: "More Crap", where an enourmous turd starts a chain of events that leads to the unraveling of a massive conspiracy.

2.) "God damnit Burnice, why dont you go shit a dick and die!"

3.) "Aw shit a dick, i dropped my ice cream.. fuck"

4.) "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! hot hot hot hot hot, hot hot hot hot hot, OOOOOOOOO AHHHHHHHH!!!! ahhh..."
by Bloodgoose April 23, 2009
Any position in a First Person Shooter (FPS) videogame, that allows the player to watch all vulnarable positions, making him "omnipotent" to all attacks. The only real weakness of an omniposition is a tendency to run out of ammo.
"Dude, Bloodgoose, I found an omniposition on this map. I'm pwning so many noobs come help me defend it!"

"OMW, but i'm already running out of ammo, I'll come after I respawn."
by Bloodgoose January 19, 2010
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