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5 definitions by Bloodbath

Combination bewteen Euro (Europeans) and otaku (those addicted to Japanese culture.) Basically European otaku. An example of a band that has a bunch of Eurotaku in it would be UK based Goteki (dark electronic industrial).
1. Eurotakus sound funny when they try to speak Japanese.
by Bloodbath June 17, 2004
7 1
A store. thats it. thats relly all ther is to say. if you hate it, then your just another anti goth poser, trying not to be different and blend in with all your freinds. if you like it, then you enjoy the color black and dont want to walk around naked.
A: I shop at Hot Topic
B: good for you.
by bloodbath January 09, 2004
11 7
Noun. The result of continual vigorous intercourse. A portion of the genitals that is suspended from the surface of the skin, similar to the Dewlep on a cow's neck.
Some guy-Dude...that stripper you sent to my birthday party... had some insane gartlimnous hangin out.
by Bloodbath July 10, 2004
2 2
An invite only user created board made by Poisonbagels on the Gamespot forums in May of 2004. Its purpose : keep out fucktard noobs and their mind deadening spam.
I've been reborn in Exodus' greatness.
by Bloodbath July 12, 2004
21 39
Short for shenanigan(s). Usually used in plural form. Meaning any form of trickery or deception.
It was shens!!! all shens!!!
by Bloodbath June 25, 2004
18 118