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I never knew about the meanings of the jelly bracelets until it hit media and media was shown to everyone. I think the definitions of jelly bracelets and the "snap" game is a corporate scandal so kids end up breaking their bracelets and going out and buying more of them.

Think about it, the more that's broken, the more that's bought. People should get their heads outta their ass' and see the light! BRACELETS are nothing but what is stated. they are a bracelet for fashion, a bracelet for friendship, something for creativity(hence linking em). The sexual means is a sad excuse to get laid or any other type of sexual intercourse. A female is not going to do anything with a guy unless she wants to, is sexually attracted to, or is forced to by physical means.
the media ruins the world and everything else. It's there to spread lies and hate, not to help the community.
by BloodShot May 09, 2004
to run(Tampa)
5-0 buck!
by BloodShot July 01, 2004
the devil in disguise
(do u really need an example)
by bloodshot February 15, 2005
a dutch cigar unraveled, rolled in the first layer, than u wrap the other paper around in it making a long lastin blunt usually 45mins to an hour if done right
Yo pass that dutch
Roll that dutch nigga
by BloodShot July 01, 2004
ounces round here in Florida/Tampa area it runs u round 140-160 for an ounce and they like 30 grams sometimes u get em hooked up though
Lemme get an ounce of that chronik
by BloodShot July 01, 2004

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