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The nickname for for a bottle of pills in the video game "Left 4 Dead" Made popular as an internet meme. Comes from the peculiar way in which Louis will announce to get group he has found some.
Louis: "Peelz here. Grabbin' Peelz"
#louis #left 4 dead #overdose #blackness #addiction
by Bloodshed269 August 28, 2009
A person who will boast or brag about seeing a video on YouTube before it became popular and got a lot of views.
Regular person: "Dude, I saw that Evolution of Dance video on YouTube last night; that video has almost 170 million views! That guy is pretty good!"

YouTube Hipster: "Yeah, I remember watching that video before anyone was talking about it. It only had, like, 5 thousand views at time..."

Regular person: "I hate you."
#hipster #youtube #scene #so unique #tags are too mainstream
by BloodShed269 April 06, 2011
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