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red tape is an expression that arose from a technological innovation. The red tape directly refering to the leader tape found in many reel to reel tape recorders and small compact cassetes. As there can be no sound recorded on this portion of the tape it was considered frustrating and often likened to bureaucracy when one had to wait for the end of the red tape to hear what was recorded on the tape Hence The expression red tape and or cut through the red tape or cut to the chase
All that bureaucracy, its just red tape they could proceed so much faster if they wanted. Cut through the red tape
by Blood Fire February 21, 2007
Used to describe large pendulous breasts of women.
There was rumour of a holy Gamunja order of men who were literally suckers. The word and holy gamunja order originated in London. The members were ranked as nipple noshing gamunja gropers. The word is also partly onamatopeadic, consider gaurgantan, gigantic etc
Holy Gamunja. Check out her gamunjas.
by Blood Fire February 21, 2007

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