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A phrase commonly uttered by high schoolers who were just introduced to tourettes guy on youtube.

once uttered these two words create great annoyance among the masses

also a really weird guy that has hosted AFV and starred on full house

- Shut up kid

I said STFU!
by Blonde Haired Midget January 13, 2010
To say something that only an uber nerd would know to answer a question.
Teacher - What is the square root of pi?

Nerd - (without thinking)1.77245385

Some random kid in class - NERD BOMB!!!
by blonde haired midget January 15, 2010
One who yells Bob Saget many times a day after watching tourettes guy on youtube.
- Ah Bob Saget!!!

- what was that?
- oh, just some kid being a cohick
by Blonde Haired Midget January 15, 2010
A kid who looks like an orc


A four inch long nipple hair
Dude i was playin lord of the rings and i saw an Alec!!!

dude you need to cut that alec.
by blonde haired midget January 15, 2010
To fart with either extreme stench (room-clearing) or a fart of epic proportions
Dude i ate too much at Taco Bell earlier - I feel like Droppin' a Seibel...
by Blonde Haired Midget January 12, 2011

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