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1...someone who continually shits their pants to the point they just wear none, and only wear diapers.

2...a person who goes insane, and the only thing they can think of doing at the time is shit themselves, therefore ruining thier pants, and underwear.

3...a vandal who goes into expensive stores and tries on all of the white pants, and leaves big brown stains in all the asses, in effect ruining them.

4...when in battle, shitting in your BDU's and calling for a medic to come and change them for you so you can keep fighting on, and killing people, not wasting time worrying about clean pants, that's the Medic's job.
Blap is such a Pants Ruiner, he dosn't even come out of the house anymore, and just lines his walls with plastic.

Wang lost his wife and kids to a stampede of Yetti, so when he found out he was a true Pants Ruiner due to the shock of losing his whole family.

Let's go out Pants Ruining tonight, and show those motherfukers who is the real boss.

Specialist Chris Shupe is the greatest Pants Ruiner in the Army, he killed twelve Arabs all while getting his pants changed, what a bad-ass motherfuker.
by Blip Rogers September 10, 2007
1...to drink to much absinthe\jagermeister shots, causing a violent expedition of your stomach contents, resulting in a loud screaming noise from the liquid evacuating from your body through your throat.

2...to scream while vomiting, creating a hybrid liquid-screaming noise that makes spectators shit thier pants unexpectedly.
Holy shit, last night Whep had so many shots, he fukin liquid screamed right in YaYa's mouth. Everyone laughed so hard they literally shit themselves.
by Blip Rogers September 10, 2007
1...a burger, so amazingly edible and tasty, that only the highest qualilty resturants include them on thier menu.

2...what to ask for as a joke at a drive through window like McDonalds or other similar fast food resturant, knowing that they don't know what it is.

3...a small town in Australia, the state of Victoria
I had the Yea Burger at the Formal Dining resturant, and it was so good, I went and murdered the chef.

(at a drivethrough window)
Guy: Can I get a Yea Burger?
Attendant:A what?
Guy:A fukin Yea Burger you idiot.
Attendant:Um, Yea sure?! Do you want fries with that?
Guy: Yea, of course I do, you fukin assmouthed bastard.
Attendant: Please pull to the next window sir.

Yesterday, we all went up to Yea, and we got Yeaed.
by Blip Rogers September 10, 2007
1)...to get completely wasted off a combination of drugs, such as acid, weed, and\or alcohol

2)...to be hit in the face by an object that causes spectators to laugh, and the person being blapped to feel very embarassed and stupid
1) Chang was so blapped last night, he killed someone. He's really going to regret dropping all that acid, then chugigng that whole bottle of vodka, what an idiot.

2) Hermes was so embarassed when Overton blapped him in the face with that squid, he started crying. What a fag.
by Blip Rogers June 11, 2008
...when an asian girl opens her legs, and a gong sounds to signify that her vagina opens horizontally, then it smiles at you to let you know that you are invited inside, but remember to take your shoes off so you do not offend her customs
When Rip finally got Yi into the bed, he was scared by her Chinese Smile, but then he decided to go for it anyway, and tore it up.
by Blip Rogers July 14, 2008
1)...a television, which rots your brain

2)...a completely stupid person who does not deserve to even be alive, and should be killed immediately

3)...an x-box
1)That fat lazy whore just sits on her fat ass and watches the fukin idiot box all day.

2)I can't believe Blap is such an idiot box, he put his shoes on the wrong feet, go kick him in the fukin balls right now for being so stupid.

3)Quit playing that idiot box, and let's get the fuk out of this house, you damn game nerd.
by Blip Rogers June 11, 2008
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