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1. An over-emphasized version of "omg", meaning "oh my god".

Pronunciation: Zoh My Fawking Gawd
Origin: "Zomfg" originated in 14th century Persia during an assault on modern-day Iran. The "Dishpuhkt Clan" or the "Nasal Ingesters of Sand Clan" attacked a military outpost run by army leader Mahmoud Al-Hafez Mohammed. The military outpost held the nation's stock of falafel, so it was guarded heavily. When the Dishpukt clan invaded, Mahmoud scribbled down on a piece of paper,"zomfg need backup jeezuz", a request that was never fulfilled.

Modern day usage: 1. Used by adolescent-teenage females in common text messaging to describe a despondent situation.

2. Used in the popular videogame "Counter Strike" when requesting backup from your team after having been viciously mutilated by the opposing team.

3. Used in modern-day Kyrgyzstan as a codeword for the phrase,"Requesting backup".
1. "liek zomfg i wuz gona buy dese kyoot shuz but i didnt hav $300


3. We have a 10-23 situation here a the local watering hole, zomfg for any units in the vicinity.
by Blind Peg Leg Paul May 05, 2007
1. n. A type of sauce that makes you laugh at a high decibel level.
"Achmed's mother Aneesh makes the best lozlsauce on the western border of Kuwait."
by Blind Peg Leg Paul May 05, 2007

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