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To fuck someone after taking everything away from them.
When we get to the hotel room, I am gonna give you a Mitt Romney said the prostitute to the john.
by Bliff Blaffington July 04, 2012
A vertical fold in a very fat person's stomach blubber that resembles a buttocks.
Hey man did you see that lady with the Front Butt getting a burger in the food court?
by Bliff Blaffington April 30, 2009
The payback when someone on "Contestant's Row" outbids the person before them by one dollar and makes it up to the main stage.
Drew: "Chris bids 500 dollars for the diamond necklace, and Diane what is your bid?" Diane: "$501." Diane then gets on stage and blows the chance at winning a great prize, due to her cheap and dirty tactics. That is Price is Right Karma.
by Bliff Blaffington January 14, 2010
Guy who sits in a bathroom stall and tells jokes to the guy sitting next to him in the other stall(s).
Man I wish this guy would shut up and let me poop in peace. He's a real comodian with all these stupid jokes. Just leave me alone already.
by Bliff Blaffington April 14, 2009
when you or a buddy farts and the smell completely reaches all four corners of a room, making everyone in the room disgusted yet slightly impressed.
That guy is gonna have four corners farts if he keeps knocking down those hot dogs with sauerkraut and stadium mustard
by Bliff Blaffington April 03, 2009
A frustrated expression by Cleveland sports fans after events only occurring to their cursed teams. Abbreviation OIC for short.
Only in Cleveland, can you steal a defeat from the jaws of victory. Only in Cleveland, can the Cleveland Browns manage to cough up a 14 point lead in less than 90 seconds. Only in Cleveland, can the Cleveland Cavaliers manage to rehire a coach they fired no less than 3 years before. Only in Cleveland, could the Cleveland Indians win a game with a walk off hit batter. Only in Cleveland, can the Cleveland Browns QB manage to sack himself. Only in Cleveland can their whole entire football team leave town and win not 1, but 2 Super Bowl titles. Only in Cleveland, can you fail at picking a franchise player for your football team after 14 years of having a top ten pick. Only in Cleveland, can you blow an insurmountable lead and watch the opposing team embarrass you on national tv. Only in Cleveland, can you hang banners for winning your division and not a league title.
by Bliff Blaffington December 11, 2013
To show off the goods
I got a big date tonight, but before things go down later on.. I wanna make sure to showcase the salami.
by Bliff Blaffington September 18, 2012

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