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3 definitions by Blicq

A dope smoker who, instead of hanging on street corners and making an arse of his/herself, chills out and makes mellow comments about the groovyness of the wallpaper or the pure hotness of the kids TV presenters.
Guy 1:"yoooooooooo fern cotton is reem and i think my leg is asleep, woah thsi is some trippy shit"
Guy 2:" guy 1's a rad space brain guys"
by Blicq January 25, 2005
20 8
General term for a total disgusting arse. Often used as a meterphor as if the said rampo where in fact to exist.
Rampo is in fact a character in swiss mythology , who walked into a small town, became ingaged in a peadophiliac sexual act with a young boy and thus spread his foul deseases to the whole village. All of whom died.
Guy 1: " christ thats jus wrong , why! WHY!i think im gonna be sick"
Guy 2: "ahh man, must be rampo"
by Blicq May 30, 2005
10 2
A modern term, popular in small patches of civilsation meaning cool hard guy with masses of raw sex appeal (all be it with hamsters)
Wow man that guys a real Blicq! HE pulls ALL the hamsters
by Blicq January 25, 2005
4 3