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A face that resembles other faces. A common face. (Derog: generic face.) A 'you look familiar' face. A 'have I seen you somewhere before?' face. Derived (probably) from similitude.
Megan: 'Have we met before?'

Stranger in bar: 'No, I have a similimug.'

Megan: 'That figures.'
by Bleypunkt April 28, 2009
A person chronically plagued by ambivalence. Or just an ambivalent person.
John: 'You don't ever seem to either just love or hate something.'

Ellen: 'I do love things, often.'

John: 'But you also hate them.'

Ellen: 'I'm ambivalent?'

John: 'Yeah, you love AND hate things.'

Ellen: 'What, you're saying I'm a lovinhater?'

John: 'Definitely, man.'
by Bleypunkt April 28, 2009
adjective: being finicky about particulars. This needn't be a garbled tautology. Though being particular about something is the same as being finicky about something, a finicky person isn't necessarily particular about particulars, but about all kinds of vague, trivial nonsense not generally considered particular. A finicky person NEEDN'T fuss over minutiae, as it is up to his own discretion what to, or what not to, fuss over.

(Whether the fussed-over object by some strange process is rendered particular in the mind of the finicular person is debatable - whether it changes from a general into a particular state).
Newscaster: 'Shoppers today at large vegetable marts across the country have been considerably less finicular, now that the President has declared a day-long flat-rate on all farm produce, in celebration of Carrot Day.
by Bleypunkt April 29, 2009
Person who enjoys a strong, steady income for which he doesn't have to work. 'G-spot' here relating to a brawny and prolific current or stream or vein or artery - as in the mining or oil-rigging industry - the lucky son of a bitch has financially struck. The most descriptive metaphor here being probably nerve.
Ashley is found by his suit and tie-wearing friends on a weekday reclining beside his pool. After upbraiding him jealously for his indolence, which he clearly can afford, his friends, just before leaving, and vowing snippily never to visit him again, mutter among themselves that not everybody is 'lazing on a G-spot money spurt.'
by Bleypunkt April 29, 2009

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