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A relatively small and new virtual pet site, this site only has around 20,000 users or so. Although complaints have been made about the terrible economy, the influx of Nutrinocredits far higher than the amount spent, the site has a very proactive team of staff who work hard to remedy all problems. Changes are made on an ongoing basis. Recently, the layout has changed, the pet system has been completely revamped, as well as many new changes.

Part of the uniqueness of this site is that it values user input a great deal. There is a special forum called "Suggestions", where users can pitch in opinions and ideas. The best opinions get sorted into a staff forum, where they are eventually used at some point. Also, selling self-made art and trading self-made art is allowed, even encouraged, as there's a forum specifically for that, drawing many artists to this site. Many pieces of art often go for millions of NC.

The users are exceedingly friendly. Many a person has commented on the forums about how no person ever scams, how spam hardly ever appears in the forums and the general politeness and willingness to chat of the users.

Although comparisons have been made between Neopets and Nutrinopets, Nutrinopets actively work towards dropping that comparison. The users and staff firmly believe that they are different and that the only reason why such comparisons have been made is that Neopets, being the most successful site in terms of user numbers, is seen as a goal for most pet sites.
A Nutrinopets user, rather than scorning a newcomer or a n00b, politely debunks him.

N00b: Lol! how can i earn monies?
Nutrinopets user: There are a variety of ways... (lists ways)

N00b: Lol! how can i earn monies?
User: Gawd, you're stupid! Go play some other game, you don't have a right play this game.
by Blehnewish June 11, 2007

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