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the belief of christianity and wiccans mixed.
people say its impossible, but from the bible we see, people usuing 'magik' to heal. Some christain-wicca's believe diffrent thing. But both belive that there are two forms of magic 'sympathetic magic' which is prayer and a more 'physical magic' which is sacrifices or herbs.
some believe in reincanation, some don't. some believe that the triple goddesses are the trinity, and some believe that the triple goddesses where sent down by God to guide us.
its not a stupid thing, its reasonable and its not fast growing its discreet, but its mainly about love and what you believe in. we don't have laws like chritianity or wiccans, we just stretch out.
wiccan: may the horned god bless you
Christian:may Jesus forgive you
christian-wicca: aww thanks guys! =]]
by Blehh blu blah February 08, 2009

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