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People can try to explain the Scorpio breed to you with lots of fancy terms and BS legistics, but here it is in plain english:

Scorpio's are the badasses of the 12 zodiac symbols. Known greatly for their powerful presense, passionate temper, and will to follow through on threats. Scorpio's are quiet and observent, taking in all aspects of their suroundings and reacting accordingly.

Extremely self aware and insightful/intuitive. They know you better than you know you. Scorpio's are filled with entirely too much pride and will refuse to comprimise it at all costs. Very honest, placing a lot of weight on truth. Chock-ful of personality, compassion, competetive drive, and unbiased opinion.

Scorpio's are best associated with sex, horiscope-wise. They are intensely passionate and have a magnetic hold on those around them, fueled by their sarcastic, strong personality. Rumored to be quite the lovers ;D
Dude shut up! If he say's he's gonna punch you he damn well means it. He's a Scorpio, you know how they are.
by Bleedingrose210 March 22, 2011

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