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This girl is beautiful in many, many ways. She is irresistable and no man can stop starring at her. She loves to listen to music and loves to hang with people she can relate to. She takes pictures of herself to show off her looks and hates guys named Carlos. She can sing and dance and all else I can say is that she's SUPER SEXY!!!!! XD
Guy 1: Anyone seen the new girl yet?
Guy 2: no, but I hear her names Adiana and she's fine as fuck!! XD
by BlazinHeat December 16, 2012
This girl is very nice, cute, funny and has a great personality. She can be tough at times but she is a great person to be friends with. She is very cute when she's mad and can beat the living shit out of you if you are disrespectful so I advise you to watch your back. Girls like her always has someone to watch her back so don't try anything funny.
Guy 1: Has anyone seen Illanda?
Guy 2:Yea, she was beating this kid out in the school yard.
Guy 1: Oh.!.! 0.0
by BlazinHeat December 13, 2012

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